Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bad Results, but a Good Appointment

So today I had my appointment to go over my liver function and hepatitis tests. I thought that I was going to have to switch to herbs today, so I was kind of in a bad mood. Before I went to my appointment, I figured that I'd better burn off some steam so that I wouldn't be over the top frustrated at my appointment. I did a very strenuous hike up a mountain until my heart was practically jumping out of my chest. Stupid..........I know. I was just so anxious that I had to do something strenuous. Even my dog thought I was crazy.

After a 70 minute hike, I headed down to my appointment and my liver enzymes had risen a few more points. Surprisingly, my doctor decided that as long as I didn't have hepatitis, it would be okay to restart antibiotics. Except this time we were going to go much slower. I needed to stop taking everything (supplements, supportive herbs etc.) and just take a low dose of one antibiotic for the first two weeks. Then we would do another liver test and think about adding in a second one or upping the dose. No more high doses for me. No more 4 drug regimens either.

So I was much more comfortable after today's appointment. My LLMD talked to me a little about how he's very concerned about making sure that my liver stays healthy because he's seen people get very sick from liver enzyme issues. I understand that. I don't mind being cautious. I just don't want to go off everything and keep getting worse. I want to TRY as long as I'm not in life threatening danger.