Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Argument Against Halting Antibiotics

So I've been looking into some other possible causes for my liver enzyme elevations. I am strongly against switching to herbs at this point since I am having very severe symptoms that include a lot of neuropathy in my hands along with debilitating exhaustion, severe pain in my joints and ribs, lightheadedness and many others. So far, I have only taken a few antibiotics for very short lengths of time due to being pulled off meds for liver enzyme elevations.

I do not want a repeat of last month where I'm having weekly excruciating headaches accompanied by loss of consciousness and seizures. I am scared to go off antibiotics. Scared to go to something weaker (herbs) that has not worked for me in the past. So I am attempting to figure out on my own some other explanations for the liver enzyme elevations so that I can discuss them with my LLMD this week and hopefully stay on antibiotics.

The main possibility that I'm going to focus on is bacterial die off. Since bacteria that has been killed is filtered through the liver, it makes sense that when an antibiotic is working, more bacteria would be killed off in my system and my liver enzymes would go up.  Therefore, the elevation of liver enzymes would be a positive sign that whatever I'm taking is working to kill off something.

Another possibility is that one of the co-infections (mainly bartonella or erlichia) is causing the elevations. That would explain why my liver enzymes went down and then back up while OFF antibiotics last month.