Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Glutathione Hurts when it Misses the Vein!

I generally get glutathione IV's once per week. I love to get them because I usually feel pretty good afterwards. I almost feel normal for a while and I can usually go jogging or for a substantial hike or walk.

My veins are really hard to find sometimes so it takes the doctor a while to locate a vein and a few attempts before he can get the needle in the right spot. Both this week and last week, I had an issue where the glutathione got outside the vein and into the "surrounding tissue." Usually when this happens, the glutathione resists being pushed through the tube. Then when it does go through the tube and enter your body it's like a thousand wasps are stinging you under your skin.

I was shocked by how much that hurts! The pain lasts for a while afterwards even when none of it is still going in. It's really weird because when it goes in correctly (inside the vein) it doesn't hurt at all. I'm now getting scared of the IV's. I hope this doesn't continue to happen.