Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Heart Issues

For the past several months I've noticed occasional episodes of heart palpitations. It feels like my heart is racing and beating really strongly for a few seconds at a time. Sometimes I also get really dizzy. In the beginning, it only happened when I was exercising; either running or carrying something up hills or up stairs.

The past several weeks, I've been getting these heart symptoms randomly throughout the day in addition to while exercising. Sometimes it's when I'm just lying down or after I take a shower.

Last week, the doctor that does vitamin IV's for me suddenly became more concerned than usual about making sure I saw my LLMD that week. I wasn't sure why though. When I went in, my LLMD immediately wanted to check my heart which was fine I think.

My heart rate is pretty low when I'm not having palpitations. It averages 60-70. My blood pressure was  93/54 the other day. I'm about to add in a new med which can sometimes cause heart symptoms. I'm already on Mepron, Doxy and Nystatin and I've been herxing severely for the past several weeks with no break.

I'm a little worried to add the new one in. I hope I don't get even worse.