Friday, June 15, 2012

Worried about Weakness and Losing Hope

Today I had another appointment with one of my doctors. I told him that I'm very worried about the weakness that's been getting worse for the last month. When Mepron got pulled this week, I thought that at least I'd have some relief. I thought maybe some of the weakness and symptoms I've been having were from side effects of Mepron. However, nothing improved when I went off Mepron like I thought it might.

The doctor offered some suggestions about a possible electrolyte imbalance with blood calcium, sodium or potassium levels. I think my levels are fine, but I get another blood test next week. I will try the suggestions, I hope they will work, but I don't feel confident that electrolytes are causing my weakness.

Something is not right. I feel it. I cannot even hold up lightweight things for short periods of time. My entire body is exhausted and it doesn't improve with sleep. Extreme fatigue is common for me, but this is different. It's the kind of exhaustion that I am having extreme difficulty pushing through.

Lately I am having a ton of trances, even off Mepron. I'm not concentrating on what I'm doing. I have to sit down all the time from dizziness and exhaustion. I am normally a highly active person. I don't think this is a herx. It's lasting too long and it's getting worse each day. I also started having a lot of muscle pain, aching and cramping this week. It's in my feet, legs, arms, everywhere. It's not from over doing it, and I have already been taking magnesium in high doses. It's not helping. This is along with all my other symptoms and pain that have been daily occurrences for the past 10 months.

If any readers have any suggestions for what I should do, I look forward to hearing them. I already do high dose glutathione IV's with vitamins and they are not working as well as they normally do anymore.

I went to a presentation from another LLMD (not mine) the other day. One of the questions I asked was what a patient should do if they have a positive Lyme test with no other health conditions and have already taken many months of herbs and different combination antibiotic regimens with no improvement. He went on to discuss diet changes...........I've done that too. I guess nobody knows the answer.

I was totally against using IV antibiotics, but I'm starting to think that maybe I should try them. I don't know how much longer I can sit around knowing that I'm getting worse and never seeing any improvement.

I'm really getting scared. I don't think that people understand how weak I feel lately. Acquaintances and family members all think I'm exaggerating or they just zone out and ignore everything I say. Nobody takes me seriously. They seem to forget that I'm someone who avoids doctors. I don't even go for broken bones! I don't want to be sick. I don't want to go to doctors several times a week. I am completely losing hope. If I'm not going to see any improvement, what's the point of trying to treat it at all?