Sunday, July 15, 2012

Are all Pharmacies Like This?

Since I really have never needed to use a pharmacy for anything, I don't have much experience with them. However, the experiences I've had since needing  to use them have not been good. I am in a VERY rural area. The nearest pharmacies are between 40 and 60 minutes away from me. So when I need a prescription, I want to make SURE it's ready before I drive an hour to pick it up.

 Nearly every time either I call to confirm or  they call and tell me my order is ready and it isn't even in stock! A few weeks ago I drove up to pick up two. Surprise! They only have a record of one and can't refill it until they hear from my doctor's office yet again. Even though the office confirmed this script several times already that day! One time I have had a pharmacy call me to tell me that the dose is wrong and dangerous (untrue, the dose was on the low side of standard for the medication prescribed).

Most recently I told them to ship my order to my home and a week later, they called to tell me the order hadn't shipped and they were waiting for me to pick it up! I asked them why they didn't ship the order when it was billed a week before and I was told it was going out the same day. The response: "I'm not sure."  I have been out of this medication for many days now. It's not the kind of med that should be started and stopped. So I ended up having to drive about 3 hours (with traffic) round trip for the 4th time this week! The amount of time and gas that I'm spending on pharmacy errors is outrageous.

The scary thing is, the same situation has happened at 4 different pharmacies! Big chain pharmacies as well as privately owned small ones. I kept switching to see if I could find a decent one, but so far no luck.