Saturday, July 28, 2012

Flip Flopping

I don't know what's going on the last few weeks.

I've been getting a few GREAT days after my IV and then when it wears off I get really bad days. A few weeks ago I was just weak all the time and slightly better after an IV so I guess this is an improvement? Now I can make it to the end of the day with the help of my 2nd dose of cortef and for some reason, added salt.

The other day I was able to go for my usual weekly jog. On the way, I saw a beautiful (very young) deer. It bounded off into the woods only to reemerge in front of me a few minutes later on the trail. This deer actually followed me for about 2 miles in the woods. It ran along side the trail and would periodically dart out in front of me and face me twitching his ears. It was so close several times that I could have touched it. The deer had absolutely no fear of humans.

A different day, I went swimming with some kids that I have known for many years. One of them wanted to do training for swim team so we swam back and forth in their pool for over 100 laps. I generally don't care for swimming much, but that day I wasn't able to go running so I was happy that I would still be able to do something active.

Nothing makes me feel as good as jogging. Sometimes I have tried to keep the jogging up after my glutathione IV wears off thinking it would help increase my energy. That works occasionally, but usually by the time my IV wears off, I have an extremely difficult time jogging or even making it for a walk and going to work.

When the IV wears off, I get a very low time starting at about noon. I usually hurry and take my second cortef, but if that doesn't kick in fast enough I find that drinking something salty usually helps. The first few days I tried the salt (either salt water or V8) and it helped a LOT. It completely turned my energy around. The last few days the result hasn't lasted as long. The salt will give me a 45 minute period of being able to function and then I crash again.

I think I might be slightly improving but I'm not sure. I want to give it more time. I hope my LLMd doesn't expect miraculous things because I don't have that yet. However, I don't want to go off this combo yet. I'd rather add to it and I DON'T want to go somewhere else either. I have confidence in my LLMD even though he seems worried lately.

The numbness and twitching have been bad lately. I'm freezing cold most of the time to the point that it wakes me up at 3:00 a.m. almost every day. My neck hurts and my joints are very painful as well. I get very strange and sudden weakness with a lot of dizziness. My appetite is also becoming extreme again which makes me think babesia may be returning.

So a few things have improved:  One is the positive effects of my glutathione IV. I'm back to getting really good days from it. I'm also able to make it through the day until evening most days without falling asleep and I am sleeping better at night. My appetite is also improving (although it is becoming extreme again. Things are so scattered that even though I keep meticulous track of my symptoms I'm having a hard time lately.

Now I have to start thinking about what I want to add to my protocol. I'm hoping my liver is holding up fine. I assume it is.