Monday, July 16, 2012

Lyme Symptom Tracking Chart

I am someone who likes to keep track of my symptoms on a chart for my LLMD. I feel that by writing things down, I'm more confident that I'm not forgetting to mention something that may be important. Sometimes I also just don't want to bring things up in conversation. Writing it down seems a lot easier. Then my LLMD can determine if it's something we need to discuss. It makes the appointments more streamlined and leaves extra time for questions and discussing treatment plans.

So when I go for an extended amount of time between appointments, I make sure that I bring a chart that describes anything that has changed since I last met with him.

I have posted a sample chart as a template for anyone to use. Feel free to share it with anyone who may need to keep track of symptoms for their doctor. To access the template click here. Then you need to click file and download the form to save it to your computer and fill it out with your info.