Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Trying things on my own

So I haven't had a lot of improvement on my combo of Rifampin/doxy and the addition of adrenal support. My doctor is getting worried and is starting to suggest that I may need to go to someone else. Because of my financial situation, I am unable to and I am very worried that I will be dropped as a patient from my LLMD.

Today I decided I would try to figure something out on my own to elicit some improvement before my next appointment. I went to the store and decided to add some more supplements. I can't afford to do a ton so I followed some of his suggestions and added some that I researched on my own.

I am going to get more aggressive with taking my supplements routinely. I have been slacking on them. I don't get a ton of advice about supplements unless I specifically ask. I took a break to let my liver calm down and I've been afraid to go back on since finally getting normal enzyme levels.

So I'm now adding calcium, d3, b-complex, methyl b12 sublingual, flax seed, and kyo-green energy. I am going to be getting more on schedule with ALA, NAC, milk thistle, and magnesium (which I have had to increase to 2000mg to stop my twitching lately). I'm also increasing my decaf green tea intake.

Hopefully something will turn around soon. I am pretty worried. I have a VERY hard time trusting doctors and I was just starting to trust my LLMD's judgement after seeing him routinely for months. I don't know what I'll do if he turns me over to someone else. If that happens, I will be out of luck as I cannot afford treatment or appointments with the other area LLMD's.

I also am having some issues this week with blood pressure. I felt really cold the other day amidst the heat wave and I was also very dizzy and weak. I checked my blood pressure in a store and it said "out of range." The machine was working for others so I walked around a while and tried again about 30 minutes later. When I got a reading it was 83/60. I'm on meds that are used to raise blood pressure (florinef and cortef). I'm thinking this isn't good...........