Sunday, August 5, 2012

Worried about my Upcoming LLMD Appointment

I will be having a LLMD appointment next week and I am pretty worried about it. I started a new protocol about two months ago of Doxy/Rifampin. It wasn't working the last time I went in and he was getting pretty discouraged which has me very worried.

It's been another 3 weeks since then. The first week I had a little more energy than normal which was probably from the cortef/florinef kicking in. The next week I had a few pretty good (better than normal) days after my glutathione IV followed by VERY bad days and then this week I had virtually no good days and several very severe days despite an IV.  I am extremely weak again with lots of pain, twitching and numbness.

I am worried. Last time my LLMD mentioned that we might need to get help from someone else. I have researched all the LLMD's in the area as well as their protocols. I like my current LLMD and I do not want to go somewhere else.  I can't afford the others and I know from their patients that they try the same protocols that I have been trying (except for longer lengths of time before switching).

For the past several weeks I have been frantically trying to force improvement  by exercising despite feeling really bad, taking supplements and aggressively detoxing. I was hoping that I would have something positive to report and my LLMD would not get frustrated and send me to someone else. It hasn't worked. I may have even made things worse.

Now I'm trying to figure out what type of combo I can suggest. Last time he told me what he thinks he might want to add and he mentioned that it's kind of a last option. The problem is, the med he wants to add is not particularly strong. I don't think it's a good option for my last choice. I don't want that amount of pressure put on this particular med.

 I think I may need to start thinking about IV's a little more seriously. I was completely against IV's for financial reasons as well as infection risk when it was mentioned a few months ago,  but I'm going on a year since I got drastically ill and I can't say I have had any improvement in that time.