Monday, September 3, 2012

New Symptom This Morning

Today I woke up with another new symptom. I kind of expected that something was changing since I've been having a few unusual symptoms the past few weeks. I hope that nothing really severe starts up this week. 

Sometimes when I write this blog and look back on certain things, I think..........I should have seen that coming. I almost feel like writing things down makes me worry less.

For the last several weeks I've been having a lot of heart problems. I've always had minor heart palpitations, but these are stronger. I've been getting chest and lung pain along with a very rapid and irregular heart rate which completely prevents me from running. 

Several times I tasted blood in my mouth while running. That scared me quite a bit so I've backed way down from exercising. The chest pain and shoulder pain worries me. I've refrained from all running this week. Even so, I've been getting a racing heart up into my throat randomly without activity.

Then came anxiety this week. I haven't had that for a while. It was completely preventing me from sleeping. I felt like I needed to go running, but I obviously could not. 

In the past, the anxiety always seemed to coincide with exposure to DEET (I don't spray it on myself but many of the people I'm around on a daily basis do). This time I'm not sure if that was the cause. 

Then this morning, I woke up to a pretty unusual symptom. After two nights of very restless sleep, all of a sudden last night I was able to sleep without the aid of benadryl or valerian. I fell asleep early and was completely out. I did not wake up for nearly 12 hours. 

When I woke up my entire body felt like it was vibrating and trembling although it was not visibly moving. It kind of felt like if you are holding a weed-eater or something. The only other time I have had that sensation was when I broke a bone. It feels like a vibrating numbness. Sort of like what happens right before you lose all the feeling in a limb. Except this was not only my hands, but my arms, legs and head.

I don't know what's going on this week, but I still don't want to back down off meds. I went from really bad exhaustion and a high fever/flu last week to a week with lots of new stuff going on. I hope my LLMD is thinking the same thing when I meet with him next time. If anything, I would like to hit this with something stronger, not back down or "take a break."