Wednesday, October 31, 2012


This Halloween will be my 2nd one with active symptoms of chronic Lyme.

I used to love Halloween. I love scary stuff. Every year I try to at least go to 1 scary event. Usually I go to a haunted corn maze. You go in at night and you only have a flashlight. It's loaded with people trying to scare you and buildings to crawl through complete with strobe lights and chainsaws. Unfortunately, it's not the safest event and each year there are many people falling off the staircases and getting injured or slipping on the mud of the corn maze path.

One year I went with a family member down to Universal Studios for Horror Nights. That's a huge event with MANY haunted houses. We were expecting to be terrified as it has the reputation for being the scariest Halloween event in the country. Unfortunately, we were kind of disappointed. We didn't feel like the houses were significantly scarier than ones we have access to locally and the cost was astronomical in comparison.

One of the best Halloween events we've been to was put on by the volunteer firefighters of a very small rural town. It's a hayride around a lake at night. The fireman run out of the woods and lake and jump onto the hayride in costumes grabbing people through the slats. It's surprisingly scary.

Another event by a firefighter troup takes place at an abandoned summer camp in the cabins. Unlike at Universal, these small haunted events are less restrictive about the "no touching" policy which tends to make things a lot scarier. At least in Universal, you know the actors can't touch you. Not so for these local things.

Somehow, our group of people always seem to be the ones in charge of leading the group through the houses. Almost every year, we accidentally lead people the wrong way and end up behind the scenes. It's usually hilarious because the actors start screaming "go back, get out of here!" We can never tell if we should listen to them or if it's part of the act.

This year I stayed away from all the haunted stuff even though I really wanted to go. I have been having some strange episodes which are provoked by stress and sometimes by certain lights. I'm not positive whether or not they are seizures, but since haunted attractions tend to provoke some level of stress and also frequently have strobe lights, I thought it was best to avoid them this year.  I don't want to end up causing a scene at something that should be fun or ending up in an ambulance or hospital having to explain everything.

I'm not having the best week physically, so tonight I'm probably just going to lie down, watch TV and sleep in preparation for a busy next few days. 

This is the first year of my entire life that I am not having any Halloween candy. I am on a strict diet of no gluten, refined sugar or dairy and I stick to it 100%. Thanksgiving will mark the 1 year mark of staying on that diet.

My favorite Halloween candies sure are tempting though. Can you believe they are selling Cadbury scream eggs now? I love those and now you don't have to wait until Easter for them. I don't mind abstaining from candy though. I can still have some coconut milk ice cream and popcorn tonight.