Saturday, November 3, 2012

Getting so weak

It's been about 3 weeks since starting my new additions to the combo (bactrim and biaxin). It's been a week since I doubled Ceftin. I've been on Rifampin and Plaquenil for many months. I feel absolutely terrible today. I literally have no strength in any of my muscles. It is taking me hours to write this because my hands are trembling and numb. So please excuse any typos because going back to correct them is an ordeal today.

I'm on a strong combo now. This is what I wanted. I asked for this. My liver is cooperating so far so I don't want to back down. I knew the 3rd week would be bad. I just hope that this time it doesn't stay bad like it usually does from week 3 on.

So my main symptoms right now are extreme fatigue and weakness. I literally could not hold onto a fork due to extreme weakness and mild trembling in the muscles of my arm. I have no appetite, but have lost a little more weight so I've been trying to make sure I eat enough. That's hard to do when you're exhausted just from lifting a fork.

I also have extreme burning muscle pain in all of my muscles. Last night I couldn't even touch my legs because they hurt so badly. I tried some turmeric as was suggested to me by a doctor. I don't notice any improvement yet, but I know it's probably a cumulative effect and won't work quickly.

The muscle spasms are also pretty bad and at night I am sometimes getting a feeling of suffocation which many call "air hunger." It's usually a babesia symptom. I have not had much of this up until the last few weeks.

 Last night I had tremendous pain under my right rib cage. I literally could not shift the way I was sleeping without extreme pain. Had I not just done a liver test, I would have thought something was seriously wrong in that regard. It's gone today for now.

This is rough. I hope it gets better. I thought not being able to go running was a huge loss. Now I can't even attempt to walk my dog a short distance. In addition, I lost most of my income. For some reason I'm still not extremely upset by any of this. If anything, I'm probably happier than I've been in a while although I have no idea why. To be happy at a time like this doesn't even make logical sense. Maybe one of the meds is affecting my attitude or maybe I'm just in shock :).