Friday, November 23, 2012


Well I made it through another Thanksgiving and I'd like to try to list a few things that I'm thankful for this year. Overall, I'm thankful for many things: my family, friends, pets, etc.

I'm thankful that my immediate family is supportive of my Lyme diagnosis. I come from a family that NEVER takes any medications. I was expecting some of them to have an issue with the number of meds I take but all of them are fully supportive of my protocol and the diet I have to follow. My sister made a gluten free apple pie (without any added sugar) and my mother made stuffing with gluten free bread and separate potatoes that I could add almond milk to this year.

I'm thankful that I was able to eat a small amount of food over the past few days. I hadn't been eating well for a while. I was able to eat some turkey, gluten-free bread and pie. I did get sick afterwards and fell asleep very ill for a few hours but at least I ate something.

I'm thankful that I was able to help people that were trying to get some sale items on Black Friday. I actually made it a full day of shopping. I did have to use excessive B-vitamins, green and ginseng tea, CoQ10 and magnesium but at least I did it. I'm lucky that I had a good IV this week that lasted me. 

Last year on Thanksgiving I was still trying to figure out what was wrong. I knew I had Lyme but I couldn't get a doctor to test or treat me for Lyme. So even though I'm not doing too well physically lately, I am very thankful that I have several doctors that are willing to put in the time to attempt to help. I'm thankful that my liver is finally cooperating so that I'm able to stay on a fairly strong combination. I'm also thankful that I am not in such a desperate, depressed psychological state of herxing like I was a few weeks ago.