Sunday, January 6, 2013

Back and Stomach Pain

Ugh! I am having really severe stomach pain right now. It started last night. After a week of low appetite again, I went out to dinner and had a salad with a few bites of steak and some fruit and yogurt. Well within a few hours, I was throwing up. The rest of the night I had a burning pain in my lower back wrapping around the front of my abdomen. It has persisted and worsened today.

I'm in a LOT of pain. If I don't keep my mind busy, it's almost unbearable. I was crying last night from it. The pain is literally making me shaky and freezing cold. The only thing I can do is lie down on a vibrating heat mat, rest and shake from unrelenting chills under 4 blankets. I am completely non-functional today. I woke up and took 3 advils in the middle of the night and I just took another two mid-morning along with alka seltzer gold to hopefully calm my stomach.

I'm getting dehydrated because drinking anything is intensifying the pain (as is eating). I hope this goes away by tomorrow. I avoid calling the office, but this pain is pretty severe and unusual so if it doesn't decrease in a few days I'll have to call. In a few hours I'm going to try to get it together enough to cook some rice and chicken broth.

This pain could create a problem for me if I can't start eating and drinking soon. I was actively trying to force some eating so that I wouldn't lose anymore weight. On days that I was having a hard time eating, I would make sure to drink at least 1000-1500 calories. Now I can't even do that.  I don't want something within my control (weight loss) to be the reason why I have to stop meds.