Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pet Therapy

No matter how terrible I feel, I always feel better when I get home to see my dog and my cat. I don't have children yet so my pets are like my babies. They are completely spoiled. They eat only organic food, sleep in the bed, and have every toy sold at Petsmart. My dog is my running and hiking partner. I used to run or hike with him EVERY day 5-10 miles. I really miss that.......I wish that we could jog like we used to before I got sick last year. I know he wishes that also. Lately, I'm lucky if I can walk him 1/4 of a mile once a week. The rest of the time he has to go out and play in the yard.

Last week in the middle of my "good" days I got a kitten. I don't know what I was thinking. I already have bartonella and now I'm increasing my risk of re-infection. I couldn't help it though. I felt really bad for this little cat. She was so thin and her hair was stuck together and unkempt. Every bone in her body was protruding. She's about 8-10 weeks old. She's not the most beautiful kitten in the world yet, but I think she will look better once she gains some weight and becomes healthier. Her personality is pretty good. She's very sweet. As I'm typing this, she's curled up on my neck. She eats like she's never had access to food. She can gobble up a can of food in under 30 seconds. She also completely uses the litter box with no accidents. She doesn't act like a typical wild trouble-making kitten. She's very calm and gentle. I'm glad that she came at this time. She's cheering me up after I had another rough week.

I had that great week symptom-wise and now I'm back to my "normal" level which isn't good. I feel like I have a fever and I'm very tired. My feet were swollen today which is really unusual and I have no appetite. A few days ago I completely lost the feeling in my legs which hasn't happened since May. They were vibrating/tingling but without the pins and needles feeling. It took a long time to regain feeling. My hands have been losing feeling also. I couldn't see out of my left eye today and I haven't gone on any walks due to exhaustion and joint pain all week. The only thing that has stayed improved is my attitude. The B12 shots are helping me with that. For months I was ready to give up. I have never been suicidal, but I have thought to myself that I wouldn't care if something were to happen. Now I feel a little better. I'm ready to keep trying to figure something out that will help long-term.