Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fever out of Nowhere

Yesterday we had a pretty big storm for March. It was the day of my glutathione IV so I drove up to the appointment which is 1.5 hours away. The roads were terrible. They weren't even plowed. There were many cars off the road, but I definitely wasn't going to skip an IV. I really need a break. I'm so tired. Unfortunately, I didn't get a good break this week.

After my IV I felt okay. I wasn't able to go running though. I had to supervise a kids' sport. I didn't get home until after midnight last night because of the snow and dangerous roads. To top it off, I cut my hand opening a can of soup and because of neuropathy, I didn't even feel it. A child was screaming that I was bleeding and I didn't even notice. Then I started getting really irritable and very depressed. I think going off B12 during artemisinin pulses is a bad idea for me. I get too upset. I get to the point that I don't even care what happens anymore. I'm very irritable and depressed. This morning I was completely wiped out. I feel like a truck hit me. I've tried to eat and get up for a bit. I'm so tired and it's right after an IV. That's very unusual. Sometimes I wish I never had to get up again. This level of weakness is pretty scary.

Later this afternoon I started to feel really bad and I wanted to go home but couldn't. When I finally had access to a thermometer, my temperature was 102. A few days ago it was 95.1. I don't know what's going on. This came out of nowhere. I haven't changed anything. My whole body feels terrible. 

In my last few posts I talked about the possibility of getting more glutathione. I'm not going to be doing that. There's an insurance glitch that's preventing additional IV's. That's fine though. I never liked depending on it anyway and I can still get the same amount I have been for the past year. I think it's good that I have to figure out other ways to get by. I'll find something.