Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Doing things on my own.....

Today I started Japanese Knotweed, Artemisia and Houttuynia. I have taken knotweed and artemisinin before. Houttuynia is completely new. This was not suggested to me by anyone. It's something I'm doing myself. My LLMD and the other doctor I go to don't know yet. I recently went off of 3 out of 6 rx antibiotics. I didn't feel any better after doing that so I became pretty depressed, frustrated, angry and felt like giving up completely. Then I tried to calm myself down and think logically. I figured I might as well stay off those 3 and add in herbs as powerfully (and affordable) as possible. I'm staying on 3 rx abx for the time being along with the new herbs.

In regards to herbs, I want to decide my own dosages and take as much as I feel comfortable with. The doctors I go to would probably not agree with the dosages that I will eventually work up to. After two years of constant symptoms that have not improved and are drastically affecting and ruining my life, I would rather hit this as hard as possible then plod along feeling like crap forever. I really don't care about the consequences of taking too much (if that's even possible). At this point, I have no quality of life anyway. Today I mixed 1 tsp of each herb into juice. So that's about 4000 mg of each. When I took capsules of Japanese Knotweed in the past, I took 500 mg 3x per day. So this is a substantial increase in dosage. We'll see what happens. It was definitely hard to stomach.