Sunday, October 13, 2013

Bad Night..........I'm Backing Down

I am not doing well. My depression and anxiety are severe and I'm having a very bad headache and fever that I can't sleep through. I'm also having a lot of unusual pain in my ribs and lower abdomen which is making me worried about my liver and kidneys. I'm backing down off my protocol tomorrow. I'm stopping Samento, Banderol and Cumanda until I get my "month 3" package which comes with the detox tinctures and then I will try to restart.

I'm going back to Quina (30x2) and staying on Enula (30x2) and A-BAB (10x2). I can't go completely off everything for any significant length of time because I'm worried about progression. So tomorrow I'm going to drink tons of water to detox and stick to the above three herbs along with B12. I'm angry that I can't manage this herx, but it's getting to me both physically and psychologically. This is the first time I've ever needed to back down from herxing. I didn't expect herbs to be this opinion about herbs is changing.

I think it's definitely herxing because it didn't start right away. It took over 2 weeks. Normally when I used to start new antibiotics, week 2 was my "good" week and herxing started in week 3. With these herbs, week 1 was considered "good" (it got me up and out of my bed-bound state) and during the beginning of week 3 (day 16), herxing escalated to the point that I had to admit for the first time I was not able to handle it physically or psychologically.That has never happened with antibiotics.

I will try everything again though when my full protocol arrives and I have detox tinctures to help out. For the rest of this week, I'm cutting way back. When the herx dies down, I will restart. I may wait until November 1st so that I can keep track more easily. The protocol I'll begin with will be Samento (30x2) and Banderol (30x2) for 18 days and then Samento (30x2), Mora (30x2), Cumanda (30x2) for the remainder of the month as the "Month 3" protocol suggests. I may add in A-BAB until I complete the first bottle and then move onto A-BART. I may also add Enula (which I found in a locally made tincture) for $10/bottle.