Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Stevia for Cysts

All along since contracting Lyme disease in 2011, I've tried to use Stevia as my sweetener of choice whenever possible. Stevia is a reasonably good choice for people with Lyme because it's less likely to "feed" the bacteria or encourage Candida overgrowth. It's also less toxic than Sucralose and Aspartame.

Back in the early summer, I came across some research which suggested an added benefit of Stevia for those with Lyme disease. The study was from the University of New Haven and it focused on the effects of Stevia on Lyme cysts. I can no longer find the study online, but according to the notes I took, Stevia was shown in vitro to reduce Lyme cysts by 98% and spirochetes by 60%.

Doxycycline reduces spirochetes by about 77% but increases the cystic form. That's one of the reasons I've always been extremely hesitant to use doxycycline as monotherapy. My personal opinion is that no matter what stage of Lyme a person is in, doxycycline should always be combined with something for the cystic form whether that's Stevia, Flagyl, Tindamax or GSE.

The study also did some research on Cumanda which was shown to be less effective for Lyme bacteria (although Cumanda is primarily used for co-infections). Cumanda reduced spirochetes by 24% and cysts by 4%. It reduced biofilm colonies by 43%.

The study was preliminary and had no information regarding dosages. I contacted Dr. Cowden regarding the Stevia dosage and he suggests 30 drops 2x per day for an average sized adult when used as an antimicrobial. I use the same dosage for Cumanda.

If Stevia can reduce Lyme cysts by 98% that would make it a great substitute for toxic medications like Flagyl and Tindamax. The effects of Cumanda on biofilms are also promising. I tend to herx the most on Cumanda. I feel like it brings out bartonella symptoms in me and hopefully is killing off some of it as well.........