Saturday, May 24, 2014

Neem Capsules

So I've been over-the-top frustrated for the past several weeks. I feel very very sick and no matter what I do that never changes. I have been trying everything I have access to over the past 3 years without any success.

As the summer approaches I realize that It's going to be completely impossible for me to function. I have absolutely no control of my blood pressure now let alone when the heat starts working against me. Even with high dose midodrine my blood pressure is dropping into the 60's/40's. Now my heart rate is also getting low. I flagged a HR in the 30's on Thursday with my implanted heart monitor. I feel incredibly weak, lightheaded, dizzy, etc. I can't function.

I was able to ask Stephen Buhner for some ideas about what to do for heart block and low BP. He is great about getting back to people very quickly. He mentioned licorice, hawthorn and caffeine. Two naturopathic doctors have suggested those to me also. I've taken all of the above in addition to trying mainstream meds like midodrine, florinef, beta blockers, etc. plus fluid and salt loading. Nothing seems to work and I think it's an absorption issue.

I was browsing the health food store the other day and saw some Neem capsules. I decided that it's worth a shot since I've tried pretty much everything else. I know that Horowitz suggests Neem as one of the herbs to try for Babesia. Usually capsules do nothing for me so I wasn't expecting much. A month's worth of capsules was under $10 so it wasn't much of a gamble.

I am taking 3 capsules (1425 mg) per day. Lately I very rarely get a clear herx reaction to anything; not so with Neem. Day 2 I woke up with my typical clear herx symptoms. Body aches, flu-like swollen throat and dry eyes, 101 degree fever, severe/extreme exhaustion to a bed-bound level, etc. Wasn't expecting that...........but sadly even though I feel horrible and cannot stand due to my pre-existing BP issues alongside my new increase in Neem provoked flu-like herxing, it cheers me up when I react to something. At least I know it was absorbed and has a chance to work.

Neem supposedly has tons of uses. The traditional uses of most interest to my situation are malaria, heart/cardiovascular, increasing immune activity, liver problems and fever.  Neem is antiviral, antiparasitic, antibacterial and antifungal so I should get a wide range of coverage with this herb.

From what I've read, it should not be used in children or pregnant women.