Sunday, June 1, 2014

A-L herx Byron White

Severe anxiety, shaking chills, increased heart palpitations, inability to calm my mind and body, emotional instability, dizziness. All part of my A-L herx. It started the night I switched to it at 15 drops 2x per day (substituted for A-BART). It started with a night sweat which I NEVER get. The herx is still going strong 5 days in.

I'm not backing down yet but relax and sleep, magnesium, B vitamins, melatonin, valerian, etc. is not calming me down. I reacted like this to a few antibiotics but this type of clear severe herxing is rare for me on herbs.

I did not think that A-L would be a tough one for me to take. Usually I don't react to Lyme-specific herbs and antibiotics. Babesia meds and herbs give me stronger reactions but suprisingly I never react to A-BAB. A-BART is a good one. Not too strong of a reaction but it keeps me from worsening. I am not satisfied with maintaining at such a poor level of health so it was time to switch after many months on A-BART. I decided on A-L and it seems to have been a good choice for me.

Surprisingly, most people I've come across seem to think A-BART is the strongest of the Byron White formulas. Not so in my case.........A-L is definitely giving me a rough time. Worse than Cumanda. I may have to back down.

10th day in 6/4/14:  I still can't eat, can't sleep, my heart is so out of control (between 40 and 120). I have compulsive racing thoughts/OCD. I want to give up or back down but I can't bring myself to do that. I am so stressed that I don't think I can do this much longer..........I just want some relief. I want to feel better. I tried valerian, relax and sleep, benadryl, rhodiola, ashwagandha, magnesium, B6 shots, etc. NOTHING calms me down. Eye twitching is starting again too. Restless legs.